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The Steering Committee

The seven-member board meets several times a year and steers all important decisions and development processes of the association.

Members of the Board:

Ök.-Rat Markus Schörpf (Chairman; Organic Farmer)
Rupert Bauinger (Chairman GGT, Managing Director Fixkraft)
Mag. Tanja Dietrich-Hübner (Ecology and CSR-Representative, REWE International AG)
DI Dr. Karl Feichtinger (Wech Geflügel GmbH)
Mag. Thomas Fertl (Director Agricultural Policy, Bio Austria) 
Johann Költringer (Managing Director VÖM) 
Philipp Lang (Buying Director Meat & Fresh Convenience, Hofer)
Lukas Wiesmüller (Sustainability Expert, SPAR Österreich)

Advisory Council
The advisory council advises board and management in their decisions and offers valued expertise from the different fields that are important for freedom from GMO.

Members of the Advisory Council:

Uschi Bittner (Greenpeace) 
Mag. Susanne Fromwald (Initiative Donau Soja)
Dr. Helmut Gaugitsch (Federal Environment Agency; Department Head Land Use & Biosafety) 
DI Adolf Marksteiner (Austrian Chamber of Agriculture, Department Head Market Policy)
Brigitte Reisenberger (Global 2000)
DI Iris Strutzmann (Austrian Chamber of Labour Vienna, Department Environment)

Since the founding of ARGE Gentechnik-frei in 1997, Florian Faber is in charge of the management of the platform.


ARGE Gentechnik-frei phone +43-1-522 55 50-315 kontakt@gentechnikfrei.at