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Requirements for Usage of the Label

The usage of the label is linked to the following requirements and conditions:

  • Compliance with the “Directive Defining the ‘GMO-free Production’ of Food and its Labelling” issued by the Austrian Codex Alimentarius (in its current version) resp. corresponding succeeding regulations (for organic products: compliance with the EU Regulation for Organic Food Production).
  • Compliance with additional ARGE Gentechnik-frei regulations and production specifications.
  • Conclusion of a license agreement with ARGE Gentechnik-frei.
  • Current and valid membership with ARGE Gentechnik-frei – the membership fee also covers the licensing costs for the label.
  • Conclusion of an inspection contract with one of the monitoring bodies that are authorized by ARGE Gentechnik-frei.
  • Compliance with the ARGE Gentechnik-frei directive „Monitoring System“.
  • Entry in the ARGE Gentechnik-frei product register resp. regular information on products utilising the label „Ohne Gentechnik hergestellt“ on the market to ARGE Gentechnik-frei.
  • Compliance with the values of ARGE Gentechnik-frei which are defined in the statutes of the association:
    • „Greening“ of agriculture
    • Promotion of sustainable agriculture
    • Transparent and open food production
    • Further development and innovation in food production
    • Preservation of rural culture

 Requirements for the Authorisation (pdf; 380 KB)


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