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The label „Ohne Gentechnik hergestellt“– a model for many European countries – offers a comprehensive regulation for GMO-free production, labelling and monitoring.

Austria therefore has established the first consistent resp. the most widespread European system for GMO-free labelling. Food labelled with the green label „Ohne Gentechnik hergestellt“ provides security to the consumer that the entire production, from the field to the final product, took place without any forms of genetic engineering. 

Most labelled products can be found in the dairy, bread & pastry, eggs, soy & soy products, poultry as well as fruit and vegetable sections. Organic brands such as Natur*pur (SPAR), Natur aktiv (Hofer), JaNatürlich! (REWE) and Bio Austria consciously use the label in order to inform consumers that organic products are produced entirely without the use of genetic engineering.

GMO-free labelling is only awarded to products that meet the strict specifications for production and monitoring. These specifications are defined in the Austrian Codex Alimentarius as well as in the production specifications of ARGE Gentechnik-frei.

Die Gentechnik-frei Kennzeichnung ist nur dann zulässig, wenn die strengen Kriterien für Produktion und Kontrolle eingehalten werden. Diese sind im Österreichischen Lebensmittel-Codex sowie in den Produktionsrichtlinien der ARGE Gentechnik-frei definiert.


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