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Goals of ARGE Gentechnik-frei

ARGE Gentechnik-frei is facing the challenge of facilitating, promoting and supporting GMO-free production in Austria (food, feed and agricultural products). For these purposes ARGE Gentechnik-frei awards the quality label „Ohne Gentechnik hergestellt“.

The goals of ARGE Gentechnik-frei in detail:

  • preservation resp. mainstreaming of GMO-free agriculture, food and feed production;
  • ​support and active facilitation of GMO-free projects in agriculture and food production;
  • development, implementation and legal recognition of the system for labelling and monitoring of GMO-free produced food (national and pan-European);
  • creation resp. stabilization of necessary political and legal framework for the production, labelling and monitoring of GMO-free produced food;
  • know-how transfer for farmers, producers and retail.


ARGE Gentechnik-frei phone +43-1-522 55 50-315 kontakt@gentechnikfrei.at