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ARGE Gentechnik-frei - the Organisation

ARGE Gentechnik-frei was founded as an association in 1997. The association has the goal to create a reliable framework for the production, labelling and monitoring of GMO-free food. For this purpose ARGE Gentechnik-frei is in continuous and intensive contact with all important decision makers and stakeholders in the area of GMO-free food and feed production and food labelling.

ARGE Gentechnik-frei regards itself as a mouthpiece and important supporter for companies, organisations and associations which produce resp. market natural, diverse and GMO-free food.

Florian FABER is managing director of ARGE Gentechnik-frei. He closely cooperates with the board and the advisory-council, both representing governing body and steering board of the association.

ARGE Gentechnik-frei is a permanent member of the expert group of the Austrian Codex Alimentarius and is part of all relevant decision making processes concerning the development of the legal framework for GMO-free labelling. 


ARGE Gentechnik-frei phone +43-1-522 55 50-315 kontakt@gentechnikfrei.at